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Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815

On the 18th June 1815, two armies faced each other on a muddy field in Belgium. It would be a decisive battle that bring about an end to twenty years of conflict and reshape the future of Europe. Both armies were commanded by formidable military minds, who had a plethora of battlefield victories behind each of them.

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Alternative History

Alternative history campaigns, battles and backgrounds have always held an interest for both war gamers and historians, it’s the question, What If? Such as what would have happened during World War 2 if Hitler had invaded Britain?

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Beat to Quarters

Well on Saturday at Patriot Games in Sheffield was independent RPG day, where a selection of independent published RPG’s were demoed. I managed to sit in and play Beat to Quarters, an RPG set in the turmoil of the Napoleonic period, written by Neil Gow, who also GM’d or should I rephrase that as Captained the crew.

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Euro Militaire 2010

Euro Militaire is a two day show aimed at modelers, is hosts one of the largest miniature painting contests in the country and attracts entrants from all over the UK and Europe. This year saw a jaw dropping 1000 + entrants to the competition.

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Castles and Crusades

Now I’m a big fan of simple, free and old school RPG. I came across the Castles and Crusades RPG in my quest for free gaming, now this isn’t a free system, but it does have a free downloadable quick start rules, plus there are plenty of freebies out there on the net for this game.

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1/72 and Gaming on the cheap

When trying to game on a budget I always find you generally come unstuck when miniatures are involved. You could always use paper/card minis, which are free from But if you’re anything like me then you prefer using something that requires a lick of paint on them.

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IMP 2010

Well at the weekend Sheffield Irregulars held their annual painting show. I was there to help organise and man the Irregular Magazine stand. Visitors came from all over the UK , all of which had one thing in common, the love of painting miniatures Continue reading “IMP 2010”