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What A Tanker (Review)

What a Tanker is a new and much awaited set of rules by Too Fat Lardies, its basically World of Tanks on the table top. In recent years tank combat has become quite popular, especially those set during WW2 which has been made popular by Bolt Action.

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Major John Monro and the Asian Great Escape

POW escapes in Europe are well known to the public through books and films such as the Great Escape and the Colditz story, but prisoner of war escapes in Asia are generally not so well known. Some of the reasons for this were the conditions those prisoners were kept in. Most Japanese POW’s didn’t want to talk about their experiences, my Great Uncle was one of them. The Japanese treated prisoners horrifically regardless of nationality, many were made to perform hard labor under extreme conditions, and many females were forced into becoming comfort women.

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Hit the Beach Flames of War

Recently I decided to jump into playing WW2 in 15mm, yeah, I picked up a copy of Hit the Beach by Battlefront Games. Playing and painting this scale will be a new challenge for me as I’ve never gone below 20mm before, yet this year I’ve started by Team Yankee and now Flames of War. I’ve always been tempted in the past but the combination of resin and metal parts had always put me off getting into the game, but with the push towards more plastic I decided to bite the bullet and grab a copy of the starter set.

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Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815

On the 18th June 1815, two armies faced each other on a muddy field in Belgium. It would be a decisive battle that bring about an end to twenty years of conflict and reshape the future of Europe. Both armies were commanded by formidable military minds, who had a plethora of battlefield victories behind each of them.

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Delving into the Napoleonic period and the Italeri Waterloo Set.

Delving into the Napoleonic period and the Italeri Waterloo Set.

I’ve been a table top gamer for over 25 years, and in all that time I’ve never delved in to the Napoleonic period, even though its one of my favourite periods in military history. So this year being the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, plus the Italeri 1/72 scale Waterloo set arrived on my desk, I decided to take the plunge.


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An Army for under £150 (Part 2)


So having decided to build and paint a Warhammer Fantasy Army, I decided to do High Elves. My first port of call was to head over to EBay and try my luck on some bargains. To be honest I was surprised how cheap some of the listings are.

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Can I start an army for under £150


One of the constant complaints I hear from gamers are the rising cost of gaming. Especially by those who want to start a new army for a system they already play or getting into a new game. Most say the high start up costs put them off. So I decided how cheaply can I start a new army for a system I don’t play.

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Skirmish, skirmish, skirmish!


Recently I’ve switched to playing skirmish games. There are several reasons for this all of which prompted me to switch from building, painting large war-game armies. I prefer the ability to play several games in a short space of time. I have found that I can squeeze in several skirmish games in the length of time it takes to play a large battle game.

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