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War of the Roses

Well I received 2 boxes of Perry’s War of the Roses miniatures, along with Foundry’s Medieval rule book. So as I now need to do some research on the subject to help build my army, and decide which faction to paint them as, I thought I’d add links to websites, book lists and companies where you can purchase minis from. 


Information sites 

First port of call is Wikipedia, this will give you a general overview of the period and get you started on the subject. click here 

War of the Roses.com, is a great site which includes timelines for both Royalty and battles. It includes information on the major players of the period as well descriptions of the battles. 

Re-enactors at Bosworth

www.wars-of-the-roses.com is an excellent resource, which includes some info on the soldiers and warfare of the period, though this is a more basic introduction to the topic. 

Battlefields Trust contains a wealth of information on the various battles fought during the conflict, this site is well worth visiting. 

War of the Roses

Bosworth Battlefield Trust are the organisation that looks after the site of the battlefield. On the website a wealth of information is included about the battle and archaeology. 

Bosworth Battle

War of the Roses Federation is a great source of images that show the clothing, weapons and military in action. They are a group of 30+ groups who regularly carry out displays and re-enactments. 

Miniature Companies. 

The first company to take a look at is Perry Miniatures, these guys produce great sculpts and they’ve just released a set in plastic, 40 infantry troops for £15. 

Crusader Miniatures produce a very nice range of minis. I needed a bombard for my army so I purchased the 100 years war bombard from Crusader. They are very nicely sculpted with great detail, well worth checking out and at a reasonable price to boot. 


Old Glory produce a great set of revolting peasants in 25/28mm, excellent for games in and around the Peasants Revolt or as peasant infantry for War of the Roses. They also do a range of 10mm miniatures for those gamers whom prefer the smaller range and bigger armies to command. 

Foundry Miniatures produce a rule book and a range of miniatures. I will be including a review of the war game rule book at a later date once I read, digested and played a few games. 


Recommended Books 

The Wars of the Roses by J.R Lander; The dynastic struggles of the Wars of the Roses (1455-85) have traditionally been portrayed as belonging to one of the most dramatic periods in the history of England, an age of murder and melodrama. In this classic history of the wars, charting their origins, progress, conclusions and effects, Professor Lander sets the record straight. By putting the wars into their contemporary context, using the written records of the time (many of which are reproduced in the text) and the results of modern research and scholarship, the true picture emerges. The wars were, in fact, very limited. While not denying that contemporary English society was disorderly and violent, Lander suggests that this state of affairs was due far less to civil war than to habits of violence among all classes of society. Fluently and clearly written “The Wars of the Roses” is the perfect overview of one of the most famous of medieval conflicts. Shedding light, as it does, on fifteenth-century history as a whole, the roots of the Tudor dynasty, and the background to Shakespeare’s history plays, this book deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone interested in this most turbulent period. 

Brief History of the Wars of the Roses by Desmond Seward; This is a classic account of the bloody rivalry between the dynasties of York and Lancaster for the throne of England. During the fifteenth century England was split in a bloody conflict between the Houses of York and Lancaster over who should claim the crown. The civil wars consumed the whole nation in a series of battles that eventually saw the Tudor dynasty take power. In “A Brief History of the Wars of the Roses”, Desmond Seward tells the story of this complex and dangerous period of history through the lives of five men and women who experienced the conflict first hand. In a gripping narrative the personal trials of the principal characters interweave with the major events and personalities of one of the most significant turning points in British history. 

The Wars of the Roses (Men-at-arms) by Terence Wise (Osprey); The civil war known as the Wars of the Roses were fought between Yorkshire and Lancashire, identified by white and red roses respectively, and lasted thirty bloody years, inflicting great damage to the land its people and killing so many of the aristocracy that a new nobility had to be created in the reign of Henry VII-a good king who brought peace and prosperity to his kingdom, unlike his predecessor, the usurper Richard III, who stole the throne by deceit and foul murders. (First sentence from the book) 


The Wars of the Roses: A Concise History by Charles Ross; An illustrated narrative of the events, and analysis of the personalities, involved in the dynastic struggle between the forces of Lancaster and those York for the English throne. 


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